Our planning process takes a deep dive into your financial picture.  Our goal throughout the planning process is to provide our clients with a sense of clarity regarding their financial goals, and encompasses everything from retirement analysis, to debt reduction schedules, to a complete overview of your financial picture.   

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The returns and values are for illustration purposes only and do not reflect any actual or hypothetical account values or returns.

Retirement Analysis & Monte Carlo Simulation

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Our retirement analysis will put all your financial pieces together so that we can map out income in retirement, expenses, savings and investments up to retirement, and how withdrawals will affect the sustainability of your portfolio.  We then project out to ensure that you will not run out of money during retirement.  This analysis is then paired with a Monte Carlo simulation that will run thousands of your lifetimes and incorporates the portfolio we have structured for you.  This provides scenarios of good and bad markets so that we can get a statistical probability of your success in retirement.


Social Security Optimization

When it comes time to file for social security, we want you to get the most out of what you have paid in.  With our tools, we can look at every filing scenario to ensure that you are maximizing your benefits.

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Debt Reduction

If you have debts, we want to make sure you are paying them off in the most effective way possible.  Our planning process will look at your different debts and determine the best way to move forward, whether that being highest interest payoff first, smaller balances, or different debt types.

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Insurance Review

We will take a look at your current coverage to make sure that you are adequately covered.  Sometimes we find clients are over covered and can drop certain policies.  

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Education Planning

If you want to make sure your children or grandchildren have funds available for higher education, we can put a plan in place to meet those needs.  Through our education planning process, we look at current costs, inflation rates for these costs (a scary number), and when that child will need the funds.  We can then back into a savings rate to meet that need.