Let's face it, retirement plans can be complex and time consuming to business owners.  We want to apply our knowledge of corporate retirement plans, so that you can worry about running your business, not your retirement plan. So what sets us apart from other retirement plan and 401(k) platforms?  

We are the quarterback for your plan

We not only want to advise on the plan's investment lineup, we want to walk you through the process and make sure we are working with the administrator and recordkeeper, to ensure the plan is set up to best fit your company's needs.  

WE take over the responsibility of investment selection & monitoring

As the advisor to your plan, we serve as both an ERISA 3(21) and 3(38) advisor.  What this means is that we are a fiduciary to your plan, and take the responsibility of investment selection and place that on our shoulders.  Many plans out there today will only take co-fiduciary responsibility, or none at all, leaving that burden on you, the business owner.


Many 401(k) plans hide their fees through the investments themselves or revenue sharing between different providers, sometimes giving the owners and participants the false assumption that the plan has no costs.  We believe in an open architecture plan structure  that avoids hidden fees and revenue sharing agreements.  This allows the plan sponsor to understand what each service provider offers, and the fee associated with that service.

Participant education

As the advisor to the plan we want to make sure your employees are educated with regard to the plan.  Too many plans have participants that simply sit in cash, because they don't understand the options available to them.  We enjoy educating participants about their options and will set up an initial enrollment meeting to educate and introduce ourselves.

Investment Options

Our 401(k) menu allows participants access to institutional grade, low cost mutual funds, that cover all asset classes.  We also provide participants with five risk based portfolios that range from aggressive to conservative.  Axia Wealth manages these portfolios so that participants who don't want to choose from the menu can simply choose a globally diversified portfolio that meets their goals for growth and comfort level with market risk.

If you would like an analysis of your current plan structure and a breakdown of fees charged to your plan, please click on the following link: