We structured Axia Wealth Management to ensure one thing.  That our client's interests are put above all else.  So, instead of just talking about it, we made it our business model.

We are independent

Independence is a big deal.  Being an independent registered investment advisory firm means we have one boss, our client, and that's where our loyalties fall.  Not with a a big bank, and not with a large Wall Street firm.  We want to work for our clients....period.


This simply means we have opted to be legally required to act in our client's best interest at all times.  Call us crazy, but we think that's how you should manage people's life savings.  Many Broker-Dealers and advisors operate under what is called a "suitability" standard, which means they only have to do what is "suitable"...... a little too much grey area in our opinion.

We have a fee-based compensation structure

We want to sit on the same side of the table as our clients, and having a fee-based structure allows that to happen.  Our fee is a stated percentage that is applied to the amount of assets that we manage for our clients.  This frees us from the inherent conflicts of interest that a commission based compensation structure allows for.  So when we place clients in particular investments, they know it's because we feel it's the best thing for their wallet, not ours.

We are Transparent

We show the calculation of our fee on every quarterly report we produce for our clients, and quote returns net of our fee.  That way our clients can clearly see what they paid us, and what their return was net our fee.

We utilize an independent custodian to open your accounts

Our preferred custodian is TD Ameritrade Institutional.  We are not a bank, and as such, we never want to hold your assets, we only want to manage them.  Having accounts held at one of the largest custodians in the US ensures transparency and security of our client's assets.